Winter is on its way

 This week in the Elm room all of the children are learning about warm winter clothes and are making pictures of hats, gloves and scarves.  They are practising their dressing skills too by putting on their own hats and mittens which takes a long time but really encourages independence. 

All of the Oak room children have been weather watching.  They have made beautiful sun catchers which are hanging in the window where they catch the light and sparkle and enjoyed ice play with polar bears and penguins.

Colours and shapes are trending in the Yew room with a variety of colour exploration trays, coloured water to splash in and crafty hands making shape monsters and shape rockets.  The children are continuing to learn their colours and shapes with flashcards and are becoming quite knowledgeable in these areas. 

In the Ash room, the children have been sharing their experiences about 'People who help us'.  They have dressed up as police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses putting out fires, making arrests and nursing each other better!