Remembrance & Senses

Another week gone!
The Ash room children enjoyed an interesting trip to the Cenotaph last Friday.  They looked and felt all of the names on the wall of remembrance and saw a beautifully painted picture on a wall full of poppies. 
This week has been a little quieter and they have been learning about transport.  It has been fun to race cars, dig in the sand and mud with tractors and create hot air balloon pictures. 
All of the Yew room children have used their senses this week exploring water beads and coloured bubble foam.  They have splashed in water, used their fingers in the paint and swirled aromatic shaving foam!
In the Oak Room, the toddlers have been preparing for the changing weather.  They have been trying so hard to put on their own coats, hats and wellies so that they can splash in puddles outside.  Inside they have painted and collaged rainbows and umbrellas. 
The Elm room children have been into the community looking for new kinds of music to support their theme.  They have banged drums, shook maracas, jingled bells and also used the musical instruments to make marks with which provided music while they worked! 
star of the week