Footprints in the snow

The Elm room children have been extremely busy learning about shapes.  They have been using their tiny fingers to make circle and square patterns in paint, explore circular bowls full of rice crispies and pasta shapes together with cutting out different shapes in squidgy play dough. 

All of the Oak room children have been having an enjoyable sensory week with jelly, spaghetti, snow fluff and green lentils. They have been including animals in their play and continue listening to The Gingerbread man story which is now a firm favourite.

Nursery Rhymes and stories are encouraging singing and listening skills in the Yew room. this week as the staff introduce a nursery rhyme 'song box'.  The children have made play dough spiders with dangly legs, decorated gingerbread men and even tried to fix Humpty Dumpty which is a challenge in itself! 

It has been a colourful week in the Ash room full of rainbows.  The children have used a variety of paint to create beautiful rainbows and threaded fruit loops on pipe-cleaners for a tasty rainbow shaped snack. 

All of the children have been weather watching and are very excited about the snow and spent time outside, catching snowflakes from the sky, making footprints and trying to make snow angels.

Stars  Elm Casi Irwin
          Oak  Eddie Connelly
           Yew  Islay Paez-Bastia
           Ash  Martha Pugh