The Nursery children have had a very busy few weeks and have enjoyed a number of festivals - all of the children dressed up for Halloween and we had a spooky week making spiders, cats, monsters, bats, scooping out pumpkins, and exploring wibbly wobbly green jelly full of spiders! 

 This week the Elm room children have made edible sparklers and handprint bonfires.  They have been celebrating Diwali by making lanterns and are looking forward to baking poppy biscuits for Remembrance Day. 

 The Oak room children have also been learning about the Hindu festival light by creating sparkly pictures and doing firework prints.

 The Yew and Ash room children worked together last week for Halloween busily sprinkling glitter on bats and cats, making scary pumpkin faces with pumpkin seeds and exploring a sensory tray full of aqua beads and wriggly spiders.  This week both rooms have been making chocolate apples and collage and painted bonfire pictures. 

 The Yew room children have been playing with coloured rice whilst the Ash room children have had Mendhi patterns painted on their hands, made Rangoli rice pictures and enjoyed a Diwali party where they tasted pilau rice, curry and naan bread.  Both rooms are learning about Remembrance day by making beautiful red poppies and the Ash room children will be taking a wreath to the cenotaph on Friday.


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