Creating Rainbows

All of the Elm room children have been learning their colours this week by creating rainbow pictures using a variety of collage materials, yellow paint and green foam.  They have used their hands to explore slippery blue water beads and their mouths to taste and play with delicious red jelly.

The Oak room children are continuing their nursery rhyme journey and have also been very busy making three little pigs and their houses. The children have been practising 'huffing and puffing' like the big bad wolf which has been a lot of fun!  Chinese New year is approaching in the older rooms and the yew room children have enjoyed painting pigs, making shakers, exploring noodles and tasting Chinese foods.

The Ash room home corner has been transformed into a Chinese restaurant and take away.  The children have been looking at menus and ordering noodles and prawn crackers over the phone.  We have tried using chopsticks which has been quite tricky for little fingers but we hope to master the skill by next week when we plan to have a Chinese banquet. 

Of course, the snowfall has taken us by surprise but the children have enjoyed playing in it both inside and outside so fingers crossed for a little bit more!


Stars:  Elm Penelope Walton
           Oak Hugo Davidson
           Yew Thea Berryman
           Ash  Isla Lawn