Busy Bee's' at Nursery!

The nursery children are always 'busy bee's' and this week has been no exception!

All of the Ash room children have been learning about autumn animals in particular squirrels and hedgehogs.  They have been watching the squirrels in the nursery garden and in forest school looking for food before they hibernate. the children have used leaves to make squirrels tails and fork prints to put prickles on their hedgehogs. It has also been a lot of fun making hedgehog dens with leaves and twigs.

In the Yew room, the children have been using their fingers to explore an autumn nature tray full of seasonal goodies. They have collected leaves to make autumn door wreaths and used corks to make beautiful autumn trees.

Twig painting has been popular in the Oak room together with handprints in autumnal colours.  As its nearing Halloween and Bonfire night the children have been practising decorating gingerbread men for their afternoon snack.

The Elm room children have donned their chef hats and aprons and got stuck into a week of baking, stirring chocolate, decorating biscuits and preparing the ingredients for pizza making on Friday which they will be eating for their snack, however until then they have been rolling play dough to develop their skills for the big event.  

So, if you can smell a delicious aroma of melted cheese coming from the nursery you will know what we are doing!