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Beech Hall’s Nursery Class Gives a Thumbs Up to Macclesfield Library

Inquisitive three year olds from Beech Hall Nursery loved every bit of the their recent visit to Macclesfield Library on Jordangate.

As part of moving up into the new nursery class, pupils are encouraged to develop a love of reading and an outing to the local library proved a great start.  

The young pupils were given a taste of independence, choosing their own books to read whilst in the library, and then selecting further books to take away with them to read at school or home.  

     James Allen, Headmaster at Beech Hall comments: “The trip to Macclesfield Library was a huge success, and the children are now relishing their next visit to return the books they have read and seek out new ones.

“At our school, children start on their reading path very early and they carry right on throughout the school, with the older children reading to younger pupils for mutual benefit.  As we know regular reading from an early age supports so many key skills and is vital for vocabulary development and connecting meaning to the words and sentences they read.”